Using Travel Auctions


If you love to take trips then you really need to investigate Travel auctions. This is a great way to find an inexpensive, yet exotic last minute vacation.

Bid for the Best Vacation Price

A Travel auction works just like any other type of auction. You simply find a web site that features vacations up for bidding. You then place a bid on the vacation package that you are interested in. You will usually have to keep monitoring the bid (easily done through email from most sites) so you will know if you have to rebid to keep yourself in the game. Keep in mind that if you do win then you are generally obligated to pay.

Look for Distressed Holiday Packages

You might wonder how it is that so many resort packages, cruises, five star Travel destination and exotic adventures end up on the online auction block. In essence vacation companies use auction to sell holidays that might be difficult to sell at the full price because of the destination is off-season, has suffered a disaster or has political turmoil or is just simply overbooked! The people in the industry call these vacation packages “distressed stock” and try to get rid of it the same way any other business would put “damaged” goods on sale. Except in this case, what is being sold is an experience and not something that is usually in need of repair!

Find Promotions and Deals Online

However not all vacation packages are inferior in some way. More than half of them that are presented online are put there with the intention of promoting a new amusement park, five star hotel or resort. It is a really good way to generate good word of mouth about a place that has yet to receive a lot of visitors.

There are four big websites that run Travel auctions online. Do an online search to locate these.

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