Notes on Generating More Travel Business

Travel Agents can become familiar with affordable, do it yourself, online marketing solutions in order to compete for more online business. The consumer has become comfortable with purchasing, searching and comparing travel prices online. To expect them to do anything different would not be wise.

Preparing for “Do It Yourself Travel Marketing”

The first task would be to develop an SEO (Search Engine Optimized) web site. It does not have to be fancy. It has to be functional and have excellent content. One page web site is OK, to start, just make sure that you provide excellent information on the selected destination and the service that you provide. Use the destination word often, make that one of your major key words.

The second task would be building a client e-mail database. This is one of the most important steps to your online marketing program. You will need a privacy policy (keyword: privacy policy) and a web based e-mail marketing service.

The third task might be witting travel articles to be distributed online (free) to web content sites. This is the single most important online marketing task. We submit our articles to and the response has been great.

It may not be best to expect sales from visitors on their first or second visit unless they are existing clients. Give new clients time to get to know and trust you. Do not be intimidated by the mega online travel sites. If you have done your homework, then you realize which wholesale travel suppliers they are using and you can use a different one.

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