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Rajasthan Tour and Travels Package

Welcome to Rajasthan (Rajaon Ka Sthan, the land of kings). It is perhaps the most famous travel destination of India. What make Rajasthan the most famous travel destination of India is charming mix of its rich cultural heritage, rich flora & fauna, the charm of dazzling deserts, and hospitable Rajasthani people. Its Tourism is able to get grab the heart of its visitors. There is something for every tourist in Rajasthan, India. Wildlife, Desert, Hill Station, Fantastic Forts, Royal Palaces, Heritage Hotels, Adventure, and Sports! What a tourist can demand for spend their holiday or what more should to be the perfect destination?

The tourism in Rajasthan, India never fails to impress its visitors with its various attractions. One of the most important things you are going to meet on your Tours to Rajasthan, India is its rich cultural heritage and no doubt the best way to experience its rich cultural heritage is visiting its magnificent monuments like forts, palaces, temples, shrines, havelis, etc. In whatever the region of its, India you will travel in you will meet magnificent forts & palaces welcoming you and singing the saga of heroism and romance of bygone era.

Besides forts and palaces of Rajasthan, India, on your tour travels you will also have opportunity word known wildlife sanctuaries & parks, like Ranthambhore, Sariska, and Keoladeo Ghana National Park. Kumbhalgarh, Mount Abu, Jaisamand, and Darrah wildlife sanctuaries are also worth exploring. The rich flora and fauna of Rajasthan, India offers scenic beauty, fun and adventure to its visitors. Embark on Rajasthan Tours and explore its rich flora and fauna and capture the majesty of majestic tigers in Sariska or Ranthambhore or the spectacular view of birds in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Truly the wildlife of it is photographer’s delight. It is a heaven for nature lovers, too.

One of the most amazing things which you will enjoy on your Rajasthan India Travel Packages is camel safari to the romantic Sam Sand Dunes visiting en route the isolated villages of Rajasthan. Every tourist wants to enjoy camel safari to the Sam Sand Dunes to view the spectacular view of sunset. Besides Camel Safari you will also have opportunity to enjoy elephant safari to the dense forest of Rajasthan, India or Jeep Safari or Horse Safari. Don’t miss this opportunity on your Tours to Rajasthan, India.

If you want to enjoy cool climate of Rajasthan besides scorching sun and burning sands, select one of Rajasthan Travel Packages for Mount Abu – the only hill stations of it blessed with mind-boggling natural beauty, picturesque landscapes, and cool climate. Mount Abu is also very popular among honeymooners as its offers several picturesque locations. With the boom of tourism in Rajasthan, India, tour operators began to cater it Tourism at a large scale. They offer a range of attractive packages and provide valuable information about tourism.

Interested in Rajasthan Tourism? Embark on Rajasthan Tour and Travels Package which is a true package of countless attractions.

Notes on Generating More Travel Business

Travel Agents can become familiar with affordable, do it yourself, online marketing solutions in order to compete for more online business. The consumer has become comfortable with purchasing, searching and comparing travel prices online. To expect them to do anything different would not be wise.

Preparing for “Do It Yourself Travel Marketing”

The first task would be to develop an SEO (Search Engine Optimized) web site. It does not have to be fancy. It has to be functional and have excellent content. One page web site is OK, to start, just make sure that you provide excellent information on the selected destination and the service that you provide. Use the destination word often, make that one of your major key words.

The second task would be building a client e-mail database. This is one of the most important steps to your online marketing program. You will need a privacy policy (keyword: privacy policy) and a web based e-mail marketing service.

The third task might be witting travel articles to be distributed online (free) to web content sites. This is the single most important online marketing task. We submit our articles to EzineArticles.com and the response has been great.

It may not be best to expect sales from visitors on their first or second visit unless they are existing clients. Give new clients time to get to know and trust you. Do not be intimidated by the mega online travel sites. If you have done your homework, then you realize which wholesale travel suppliers they are using and you can use a different one.

From Dreaming To Luxury Travel

When compiling a list of things to do on a luxury travel itinerary, a visit to an organic spa would come somewhere close to the top and generously interspersed throughout, depending on the length of your travel. Well, the choices are many at most luxury travel destinations. Here’s why a trip down under to Australia is worth serious consideration.

Ask anyone who has traveled to Australia and they’ll have tales to tell of the tough immigration policies that won’t even let you bring along a wad of gum from abroad. While immigration officials are not the friendliest of folks, they most certainly do not derive any perverse pleasure from denying you the right to bring along a pretty orchid from Singapore or your pet tarantula from Africa just to see the gloom flood your face. They are merely doing their job. And it is their job to protect the fragile ecosystem of this unique landmass, down under, from foreign organic matter that may disrupt or even destroy the delicate balance.

For 50,000 years or more, the aboriginals have inhabited this part of the world and lived in harmony with the land, the water, the vegetation, the seasons, the wildlife, the rain, and the rock. They left no footprint on any of these elements unless it was a playful hop, skip, or jump that benefited both ways. They lived off the land, on the land, and by the land, as one with the land. They didn’t have hypertension, strokes or diabetes. What they had was clear skin and eyes that shone. They were Dreaming; the eternal truth that links the past, present, and future, and the people to their land.

Now what would this have to do with luxury travel, you might well ask. Having come to the sad conclusion that the faster the rat race the wearier the soul, people embark on luxury travel as a means of solace away from it all. They eagerly look around for new outlets, fresh pastures, and healthier alternatives to achieve that nirvana. The good news for all is that the Dreaming has been re-discovered here in Australia. More and more people are turning to the ancient earthy wisdom of the aboriginals to figure out modern ills. What was once considered good at best for some novelty value has now come to be recognized for its intrinsic truth. Now isn’t that the final destination of all travel?

The wisdom of the aboriginal way of life is now increasingly adapted to main stream life, but nowhere as much as in the world of luxury spas. The word organic that was bandied about as casually as bananas by monkeys, has now assumed its true significance. It has taken on its authentic avatar in the organic spas that are now standing apart from the crowd with their understanding and adaptation of the Dreaming. Luxury travel has now found its newest pasture-one that has fresh, natural, and least processed products that your skin and soul will be grateful for.

The other side of luxury travel is now undoubtedly sustainable travel. It’s time to show the door to petrol guzzlers, and institutions with monstrously big carbon shoe prints. In the world of personal care, now is the time to bid adieu to parabens, petrochemical bi products, dimethicones, and a variety of chemicals also used by morgue technicians to preserve dead bodies. You have an alternative that is pure, natural, and not tried on some poor guinea pig in a cage. Organic spas guarantee the use of such clean products.

Organic spas are all the rage in major Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane which are also big time luxury travel destinations. A commitment to the well being of the planet and the welfare of the customers makes these ventures a strong link in the chain of sustainability. Some of these spas have extended businesses where they grow their own raw materials. Great care is taken to preserve intact the goodness of all materials used. Fair Trade practices are followed wherever possible when goods are sourced from abroad. Active collaboration or advice from the aboriginal people is a great way of enhancing lives in more ways than one. Organic farming of source vegetation required to create creams and emollients becomes a source of employment for aboriginal communities. In return we get the invaluable in terms of ancient wisdom.

Luxury travel in search of authentic relaxation and spa treatments, where all side effects are of the benevolent kind, are made for each other concepts. ‘Have money will spend’ will have better outcomes when that money is spent responsibly. Giving back to nature might not be on everyone’s good deed for the day list. Mainly because most people don’t think that far, or if they do, they can’t think of many ways to do it other than refusing the odd plastic shopping bag. Organic spas are where you can give as good as you get. And down under is where it’s at right now. Let’s sustain this blue marble we call home and replenish the natural glory as best as we can.

The Most Current Guidelines You May Not Know

Pet air travel is growing in the US and around the world. More and more people are traveling through the skies with their pets. However, pet air travel can be tricky. There are certain things that you need to be aware of if you want your pet to travel with you. Here are guidelines for pet air travel that you need to know.

Many airlines will allow and have provisions for pet air travel. However, each airline may have their own particular requirements or guidelines. So the best advice is always check with your airline first and ask what their requirements are for pet travel.

Some airlines, if the pet is small, will allow you to bring it with you. But the pet must be transported in an airline approved pet carrier. Be sure before you buy a pet carrier that it is approved by the airline that you will be flying with.

There are also companies that specialize in transporting your pet for you. If you want your pet to come with you to your travel destination, but you do not want to be involved in their transport, you can hire a company that will handle all the arrangements for you. They will insure your pet is transported safely and taken well care of during the flight. There are many companies like this. They can be found online by doing a simple search using the words: pet air travel.

Whatever type of carrier your pet will be transported in be sure to take the time well before the trip to get your pet comfortable with being in it. A few weeks before the trip, have your pet spend a few minutes in the pet carrier each day so it will get familiar with it. Pets like to be safe and comfortable just like humans. If they are familiar with the carrier they will be using for the trip, that will help to make things go smoother.

Make sure that the carrier has the proper identification tags on it and also any special instructions about your pet that may be required.

On the day of the flight feed your pet well before the flight. A good rule is to feed them 4 to 5 hours before they will be flying. It is advised that 2 hours before the flight give them a healthy drink of water.

Some pets may require a mild sedative for flying. It is always best to consult your veterinarian for this type of help.

When you arrive at your destination your pet will probably need to have a little exercise and go to the bathroom. There is a good chance they will also want food and water soon as well. Be sure you are prepared to provide them this help.

As well, make sure you have planned in advance how your pet will be transported once you get to your destination. Some forms of transportation do not allow pets. So you want to make sure you have this planned out in advance.